A Little Bit About Me

I’m an entrepreneur and brand builder born and raised in Los Angeles and now living in New York City. A few years back, I created Loverly, a wedding planning platform with the mission to make wedding planning simple, stress-free, and fun. (Yes, it can be fun!)

Today, I'm overseeing day-to-day at Loverly , am the CMO of EnergyX , and now guiding others at Luminous.

Here's what I'm up to

When I’m Not Working

👰 Planning my own wedding
🐶 Hanging with my doodle dogs
🏠 Designing my new home
🍞 Baking sourdough

(shout out to my beloved sourdough starters, Clint Yeastwood and the Yeastie Boys)

🌍 Advocating for sustainability
🔮 Exploring all things woo-woo
💪 Mentoring other womxn entrepreneurs
🐝 Saving the bees